• Resinatorcmykpng300_2

    Rock Resinator Heavy Yields 0-7-8

    Rock Resinator uses an extensive and complex combination of phosphorus and potassium designed to pack on extra size and weight to your harvest.

  • FusionGrowcmykpng300_2

    Rock Fusion Grow

    Rock Fusion Grow is specially formulated for the vegetative stage of flowering plants or for leafy greens like lettuce and spinach.

  • FusionBloomcmykpng300_2

    Rock Fusion Bloom

    Rock Fusion Bloom is specially formulated to encourage budding, flowering and fruiting in annual crops of all kinds.

  • Superchargecmykpng300_2

    Rock Supercharge Root Tonic

    Rock Supercharge incorporates years of research into keeping roots healthy and strong.

  • absorbalitecmykpng300_2

    Rock Absorbalight Foliar Spray

    Rock Absorbalight is a nutrient supplement which feeds plants through the foliage rather than through the roots.

  • RockBoxThumb250

    Rock Box Trial Pack

    An effective way to trial the entire Rock Nutrients product line without an initial investment in larger sizes.

  • HydroHalo9INUpright-300x300

    Hydro Halo Watering Ring

     Evenly distributed and effective irrigation for all types of plant pots and containers using virtually any type of growing media.