• resinator_5ltr

    Rock Resinator Heavy Yields 0-7-8

    Resinator is a revolutionary flower enhancer that will dramatically increase essential oil production and flower mass by feeding the highest quality soluble potash, potassium, organic acids and amino acids directly to flowering sites.

  • fusion_5ltr

    Rock Fusion Grow

    Fusion delivers more usable nutrient to the plant because it has the exactly the right proportions of all the nutrient elements together with a host of organic compounds to encourage and enhance crop production.

  • bloom_5ltr

    Rock Fusion Bloom

    Fusion Grow & Fusion Bloom have been designed as a complete formulation in a single bottle to feed your plants from beginning to successful end in an easy to use single part super concentrated solution for grow and bloom.

  • supercharge_5litr

    Rock Supercharge Root Tonic

    Supercharge will establish a strong foundation for your plants to thrive throughout their entire growing cycle by increasing root mass, conditioning media, provide plant inoculation and relieving stress.

  • absorbalight_5ltr

    Rock Absorbalight Foliar Spray

    Absorbalight is an all in one light enhancing foliar feed with built in proprietary leaf penetrating compounds and wetting agents which maximize photosynthesis and chlorophyll production providing carbohydrates in abundance to achieve greater than biological potential yields in any flowering plants.

  • RockBoxThumb250

    Rock Box Trial Pack

    An effective way to trial the entire Rock Nutrients product line without an initial investment in larger sizes.